3 Steps to Make Facebook Work For Your Business

Fact. Every business should have a Facebook page. With Facebook boasting 1.23 billion users, why not market to them? Some businesses find tons of success on Facebook while others can’t seem to get things rolling. It can be frustrating. Hear me out… You took hours of your precious day to write content that you hope people will like. You know, people more than your family… You want a million likes and shares, but it just seems people are not seeing your content. Well here is the truth.

They’re not.

surprised-babySo here’s the trick- you have to drive engagement. Engagement is when anyone comments, likes, clicks, or shares your posts. When people do this, Facebook’s algorithm shows your post to more people organically. This means you don’t have to pay for it. Engagement = Exposure = Referrals = Sales

Here are 3 steps you can take to make Facebook work for your business.

Consistently post content that tells stories. Facebook is great because long-format posts work really well. Take advantage of this and really create content that allows people to dive in to the story. Share emotion and struggles. You will find that more people engage with your content and connect to your brand.

React to every person that engages with your page in a timely manner. This shows people that you care. That you are generally invested in the person that took their time to comment on your post. People will always respond to generosity.

Create ads out of the posts that have higher engagement. A lot of people will simply just boost the post. This is a very ineffective way to reach your tribe. Copy the content on the post because it resonated with people and use ads manager or power editor to create an ad that can be dialed in with calls to action, images, headlines, and more. You will find the engagement to be much more effective.

These are 3 simple tactics you can use that will drive engagement on your page. If you leverage them well, you will begin to develop a tribe of brand ambassadors who will tell all their friends about how awesome you are. That my friends, is how you get Facebook to work for your business.