4 Facebook Ad Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

It is crazy how often I am scrolling my Facebook feed and see “sponsored posts” or ads that have ZERO relevance to me. I mean the type of ads that the average person looks at says, “Why am I seeing this? Don’t these people realize I live across the country?” This happens all too often, so I am here to point out the 4 Facebook ad mistakes you can’t afford to make. All of these examples were pulled directly from news feeds.

1. Failing to make the text across the top of the post a hook for the reader. It is not supposed to be aggressively informational or on the opposite spectrum, too vague. It should be the reason to continue reading the post versus scrolling down to yet another Younique mascara post. This hook is perfect.

Facebook Ad Mistakes Rinard Media

2. Failing to be intentional with your targeting. Facebook ads are great because you can target based on so many things. Demographics, age, location, gender, and much more. That’s the point of digital marketing. Turns out you can target on language as well. I speak English. Don’t be this guy.

4 Facebook Ad Mistakes Rinard Media

3. Failing to use an eye catching image. Too many people just put in some text and call it good. What a waste of money. Make sure the image grabs your attention. Ultimately, remember, you are trying to get them to click your call to action button.

4 Facebook Ad Mistakes Rinard Media

4. Failing to utilize the call to action buttons in your core offer ads. Sales 101 says to ask for the clients business. The call to action button should do exactly that. Why pay to get your ad out there if you aren’t even asking for business. This guy does a great job utilizing the call to action button “Learn More”.

4 Facebook Ad Mistakes Rinard Media

Facebook offers a huge opportunity to any business that is looking to grow awareness and sales for their brand, but all to many businesses are making these Facebook ad mistakes every day. Take the time to think about the reader. Get inside their head. Figure out what they want. If you do that, sales will zoom zoom.

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