4 Steps To A Great Digital Marketing Plan

If you’re like any of our customers, than you just want marketing to be simple and get you results with little effort. What if I told you this is true? That you could get awesome results with little effort.

Stop reading, because that would be lying.

The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past few years. It doesn’t require genius ideas, but it does require intentional action. You can’t just have a website anymore. You can’t just run one Facebook ad and expect it to double your business. So here is the process we walk our customers through in the basics of a digital marketing plan. This works for EVERY type of business.


Get a mobile friendly website.

    Mobile website traffic is increasing. In 2013, 40% of traffic was on a mobile platform. In 2016, mobile web traffic increased to over 65% of all traffic. Be sure that your business offers a mobile friendly website that has a clear purpose.


Invest in search engine optimization.

    Your website is only good if people see it. Yes, you can purchase website traffic via digital ads, but in a long-term digital plan, this is expensive. Ultimately you want to grow your organic traffic from search engines so that you can continue to reach people for little cost. To make it simple for you, organic traffic offers cheaper customer acquisition than paid advertising.


Create weekly micro content across 2-3 platforms that gives value to your tribe.

    This is where 90% of our clients screw up. Most businesses use Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or whatever applies to them, to sell people. This is fine, but not when you are only asking for people to buy your product or service. Give them something that actually has value. This valuable content will activate your tribe of people who love what you do. They will begin to engage and become your raging fans.


Invest in Facebook ads.

    They are just so cheap. Stop throwing money at TV. Commercials come on and you pick up your phone and scroll social media. It’s just the truth. If you want more ROI, buy Facebook ads.


These 4 areas are quite expansive in the digital marketing world, but they are so worth the dollars spent. If you can harness the power of website traffic to interact with your brand online, you have a potential client. Serve your audience well and they will reward you.