Expect Less Ads and More Meaningful Content on Facebook

With Facebook’s updated newsfeed, you will no longer be bombarded with ads, branding and media


Earlier this month Facebook announced a massive change to the  balance of content that will be shown in your news feed and what type of content will be prioritized and favored. This positive change comes from Facebook’s belief of prioritizing  “relevant content to [help people] have more meaningful social interactions”. Facebook began making changes in this direction last year and will continue to roll out more alterations to the news feed over the coming months. 

The first adjustment will be that you will see more from your friends, family and groups and less from businesses, brands, and media outlets as a whole. This sweeping change to the newsfeed comes from Facebook’s belief that it has strayed from its foundational value of bringing people together. Zuckerberg addressed that, “Public content (posts from businesses, brands and media) is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other”. In an interview with Wired magazine the VP of Product Management, Adam Mosseri, states, “We’re trying to focus or trying to look at how we might help—or use ranking to help people become closer together, connect people more. Newsfeed was founded—or Facebook was founded in a lot of ways—to connect people. So we want to see if we can do that better”. With these updates expect to have a more natural and sociable experience on Facebook.