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From Our Family, To Yours

In 2019, 1000 Springs Mill, a local organic farmer, took their products to the public. They have been working for the past few years to transition into organic farming and were looking to grow their brand. They wanted to take their products into stores nationwide, as well as provide a direction-to-consumer option. 1000 Springs Mill is a family business that truly believes in farm-to-table. They want to bring healthy food to the community around them.

They needed a partner that could help get their message out.

Eat Healthy
1000 Springs Mill products


The Challenge

1000 Springs Mill has an incredible product, but they needed to find a way to communicate to people that there is a reason to buy their product over others. There are many organic and non-gmo options on the shelves today, but the challenge comes in differentiating yourself.

The Solution

With the Storybrand framework, we crafted a brand script that we create all marketing collateral from. We speak to people’s internal frustrations about processed foods and not knowing where your food comes from. We helped create a clear message that is being pushed out across social media, video production, and the website.

1000 Springs Mills logo

Website Design & Development

The Challenge

1000 Springs Mill had a website before working with us. The problem is that it didn’t communicate their message very clearly. You didn’t know what products they sold and it confused the customer. We needed to maintain their strong branding and communicate a clearer message on a platform that allowed for online transactions.


The Solution

Starting off, we took the brand messaging that we created and wireframed the website. This is planning out every section of the home page to create an experience for the visitor. This drives more engagement with your website. We also wanted to focus on a unique farm-to-table design. The site needed to feel organic and playful, just like the client. Next we built out the e-commerce side of the website, allowing for online orders, tracking, shipping, and more. We continue to support the website as 1000 Springs Mill grows.

1000 springs mills mockup

Video Campaign

The Challenge

Social media can be difficult. It is a noisy place and there are best practices to get your brand to perform better. The challenge is driving engagement with your posts. 1000 Springs Mill had done a good job growing their following but they were looking to take it to the next level.


The Solution

Using the brand messaging, we began to create 15 pieces of video content per month to be distributed across social media. The goal of these videos is to drive engagement with the brand. Typically, video gets 4x more engagement than graphic and text based posts on Facebook. All of these videos are communicating the message that 1000 Springs Mill has. Healthy People, Healthy Future. We distribute the message with unique modern videography across normal posts as well as stories.


1000 Springs Mill now has a strong marketing plan going forward to scale their business as large as they want to get. They have the messaging in place to clear any confusion. They have a powerful website that can handle e-commerce as well as wholesale. Lastly, they have a unique video campaign that is helping them appear professionally online to 1000’s of people on a weekly basis.

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