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Asphalt Rehabilitation Services (ARS) has been providing high quality construction & project management services to the Magic Valley for several decades. ARS knew their services very well and were cautious about trusting their brand to an outside agency. They had built a reputation for providing quality services in Southern Idaho. They were looking to have a website that communicated their emphasis on quality and showcased the range of construction services they provide to the customer.

ARS asphalt tractor

Storybrand Copywriting

The Challenge

Construction is an extremely competitive business. ARS needed to stand out and make their story be heard over the competition. They needed a solution that communicated their message of quality and service to their potential customers.

The Solution

Using the Storybrand framework, we worked directly with ARS in discovery meetings to flesh out their story and make sure it would land with their clients. We worked closely with ARS to make sure that their brand and content was authoritative and accurately reflected their core business.

Website Design

The Challenge

When you give a service that is extremely high quality, you need a website that matches that quality. ARS knew they wanted a site that was visually engaging, highlighted their many services, and helped them stand out amongst their competitors.

The Solution

Our designers stepped up to the plate and built a powerful, custom website. Bold colors, sharp lines, and high-quality photography were used to manifest ARS. Construction services were dynamically displayed and clearly explained on the site, reflecting the range of what ARS offers to the community. Early on the decision was made to stay away from stock photography and to ensure that what visitors saw was truly what ARS offered.

ImageARS asphalt website mockup

Header Video

The Challenge

ARS captures attention. We needed to make sure that the initial impression of the home page reflected the boldness of ARS. We tasked our video team to make this happen.

The Solution

Our video team went out to an ARS job site and captured footage showcasing their equipment and crew member’s hard work ethic. This resulted in a dynamic and engaging video header. ARS wanted a visually engaging website, and the video delivers!


Choosing a media team to work with you on your business is tough. At Rinard Media, we go out of our way to get to know you and fulfill your digital marketing goals. ARS needed to stand out in the midst of their competitors and make a bold statement to the digital world. Through Storybranding, Website Design, and Video Production, we gave ARS the digital message they needed.

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