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Blue Mountain Hospital District

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Blue Mountain Hospital is the premier medical facility for John Day, OR and the surrounding cities. They are a wonderful group of people who care deeply about their patients and are always looking to improve. Blue Mountain Hospital had a website with older design styles that they were looking to refresh.

ADA Compliant
Website Design

The Problem

Hospital websites can be difficult to design because they are very information heavy. When you have lots of information it is easy to have big blocks of text that are not fun to engage with. In addition to the amounts of content they have, hospital websites have to be built with full ADA compliance so that all audiences can access the website appropriately.

The Solution

Rinard Media immediately got to work by facilitating a discovery meeting on-site with the customer. We travelled to John Day and brought the media crew along to get photo and video for the build. Great photo and video always helps with a new website project. It brings a sense of locality and connection that stock photos can’t do.

Once the website was designed, we began to develop the project with full ADA compliance standards. This means the website is fully accessible with tools that allow you to adjust font sizes, colors, and so much more. Page readers will appropriately navigate the page as needed. In addition, all colors and contrast adhere to the required standards.

Blue Mountain Hospital website mockup


The result is a beautiful website that is very clean and modern. It is simple to navigate and wonderful to view.

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