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Children's Museum
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The Children's Museum of the Magic Valley (CMMV) is an emerging hands-on facility to be located in Twin Falls, Idaho. CMMV’s mission is to engage children of all ages and abilities in learning through imaginative play and discovery. With a goal of establishing a permanent, state-of-the-art children's museum in Twin Falls, they are actively seeking a site and major gifts to make this happen.

They wanted a partner to help them get their message out and create a hub for their fundraising efforts.


The Challenge

CMMV has a wonderful vision to create a gathering place that builds wonder and curiosity in children and families, but they needed to find a way to share that vision with others. There are many great causes asking for people’s contribution, and the challenge is convincing them why they should want to get involved with yours.

The Solution

With the Storybrand framework, we crafted a brand script that we create all marketing collateral from. We speak to people’s internal desire to help better their community and invest in the future of children. We helped create a clear message that is being pushed out across social media and the website.

Children's Museum of the Magic Valley logo

Website Design & Development

The Challenge

CMMV had already begun initial fundraising for their project, but they didn’t have a clear way for  people to get involved. We needed to create a place where they could communicate their vision and give the opportunity to donate and volunteer.


The Solution

Starting off, we took the brand messaging that we created and wireframed the website. This is planning out every section of the home page to create an experience for the visitor. This drives more engagement with the website. Their design needed to feel playful and inviting, just like the place they are creating for families to learn and grow together. We helped them clearly communicate their mission and built donation and volunteer forms to help people get involved.

Children's Museum of the Magic Valley website mockup

Video Production

The Challenge and Solution

CMMV is working to raise initial funding and we felt a video would be the best way to continue to communicate the story of the CMMV and gather donations. Rinard Media produced and filmed a video with the help of the Children's Museum in Meridian for staging. Families and their children were brought in. A script was written and the rest is history. The video continues to gain views and engagement for CMMV.


CMMV now has a lively and engaging website that is so fun to interact with. It reflects the dynamic imagination that a child has. Their messaging is clear and directly calls people to action for their non-profit. CMMV is well on their way in raising the funds needed to make this dream a reality.
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