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St Vincent De Paul, as an organization, has been operating for over 180 years. The Twin Falls location has been around since the 1980s. They provide supplies, assistance, and help for the poor. They have a wonderful and rich history full of amazing work, but their digital marketing in Twin Falls was lacking.
Graphic of a man made for St Vincent De Paul webpage


The Challenge

Non-profits always have two sides to them when it comes to messaging. They need to reach the audience that they help and they also need to reach their volunteers and donors.

The Solution

Using the Storybrand framework, we worked to write messaging that is clear and helpful. It speaks to both the person in need as well as someone who might want to join in and serve others.

St Vincent De Paul Connect with our Mission blog post
St Vincent De Paul Give back to the community blog post
St Vincent De Paul apply for a volunteer position button

Website Design

The Challenge

We didn’t want just another cookie-cutter website. I mean, for an organization that is 180 years old, they need something special! We got to work gathering content, media, and information to begin the website project.

The Solution

Our designers knocked it out of the park on this one. The website is so approachable, engaging, and fun to look at. We use colorful gradients and round edges to make it feel inviting. We bring in smiling and happy people to convey the emotion that best represents St Vincent De Paul. We also designed custom illustrations to lighten the mood and make things fun.

St Vincent De Paul website mockupImage
ImageSt Vincent De Paul donate page mockup
St Vincent De Paul financial donations webpage mockup
Graphic designed for St Vincent De Paul webpage


Choosing a media team to work with you on your business is tough. At Rinard Media, we go out of our way to get to know you and fulfill your digital marketing goals. St Vincent De Paul needed to stand out in the midst of the noise and make a bold statement to the digital world. Through Storybranding and Website Design, St Vincent has a strong foundation for another 40 years in the Magic Valley.

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