Twin Beans Coffee Company

To Boldly Go Where No Coffee Bean Has Been Before

Twin Bean’s Coffee Company is a Twin Falls-based cafe that specializes in delicious craft coffee and irresistible lite fare foods. A stellar physical location can do a lot of the legwork to create a recognizable business. However, a strong digital presence is a must-have to create a truly iconic and memorable brand that customers want to connect with.


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Brewing Up a Consistent Brand

Cohesion in a brand is vital if you want it to be memorable and recognizable for your customers. Everything from illustration style to color palettes can help to define the visuals of your brand identity. We didn’t get in on the ground floor of Twin Beans Coffee Company, but we did take them to the next level! Working alongside them every step of the way, we were able to consolidate their color palette as well as their iconography, typography, and brand voice. 

You could say we helped them to transform their brand from a blend into a single-origin.


Tangible Design Elements to Espresso the Brand

Web design and branding is awesome — but getting to create something you can actually hold is even cooler! We helped revamp Twin Bean’s menus, designed their coffee bean labels, and crafted a one-of-a-kind brand standards guide to help them make informed design choices.

Web Design Steeped in a Passion for the Craft

Your website is often the first impression that your customers have of your business. For this reason, your digital presence needs to match your branding, and embody the same energy as your physical storefront. 

The Twin Beans’ founders have poured their hearts into their coffee shop, and it’s obvious from the moment that you walk through the doors that it’s much more than a cafe. Twin Beans is an experience! We knew that we needed to create a website that would match the energy and the atmosphere of their physical location, while still providing site visitors with all the necessary information they’d need.

Twin Beans website design and branding
Twin Beans website design and branding
Twin Beans website design and branding

Robust & Full-Bodied Educational Videos

Have we mentioned how much Twin Beans LOVES coffee?? They want to help others love it, too! We worked with Twin Beans to create a mini-series of informative coffee videos to help coffee drinkers grow into full-fledged coffee connoisseurs. 

These videos star members of their team and cover a variety of coffee-related topics, ranging from “How to Make Pour-Over Coffee” to the "Coffee in the Wild" series. Being seen as the expert in your field is a simple way to establish authority and gain your customers’ trust. Educational videos like these also position a brand as generous! When you demonstrate a willingness to share information that will make customers’ lives better, you make it easy for them to trust you.

Pulling the Perfect Shots

We already mentioned this, but a website is a business’s first chance at making a great impression. While the words that customers see DO matter, the images that accompany them might matter even more. We wanted to make sure and capture the spirit of Twin Beans in our photography, just like we did with their web design. Consistency is the key to creating a strong brand, and we complemented their upscale-yet-approachable & earthy-yet-bright atmosphere with beautiful custom photography that showcases their food and drinks.

Enough talk — if a picture is worth a thousand words, then check out these 5,000 words’ worth of custom photography!

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adding cream to a fresh coffee
making coffee with latte art
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