Local Review Management

Your business needs positive reviews online and getting them can be frustrating. If you’re anything like many of the clients that we work with, then you probably messaged your friends to leave your business a review and 10% of them actually did resulting in just a few online reviews. This process is broken. You need a way to reach out to your customers and make it easy for them to leave a review. Well, we built it. Meet Reviewbox.

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With the click of a button, the customer receives a 1 time text message with a direct link to Google.

See how it works by watching these videos.

Step 1 – Send The Message

Step 2 – The Customer Leaves A Review

Here is why the process works.

  1. We move the conversation away from email and into text messaging. Text has a 99% open rate while email has less than 20%.
  2. We provide the direct link to the 5 star section of the review platform. The customer can’t get lost in the process because we removed the road and provided a teleporter.
  3. If your business has multiple locations, no problem. Our software scales with your business and rewards you for having multiple locations.

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Take a look at this Google local pack result.

Wright Physical Therapy is blowing away the competition by the numbers of reviews they have. If you were new to town and did this search, Wright Physical Therapy has set themselves apart and is giving you a reason to click their link over the rest. They are separating themselves from the competition.

Let’s get beyond the competition together.

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