SEO Keywords: What They Are and Are Not

Hey everyone. We know search engine optimization can be tough to understand. Most businesses just want their business on the top of Google and that’s all they want to think about. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible. I wanted to bring you some quick information about Website Keywords and Keyphrases. Let’s talk about what they actually are, what they are not, and how they effect you.

So typically what happens is we get requests from clients to “add more keywords” to their site or sometimes they say “Our website is showing strange keywords”. But here’s the problem. Keywords don’t work like that. Keywords or phrases are what a person is searching for to find your business. In 2005 people could take a list of phrases or keywords they wanted to rank for and upload them to their website and Google would honor that. Unfortunately, marketers ruin everything and people began to list competitor names. The long term effect was Google began to remove that system from their algorithm. Google updated, but a lot of companies didn’t.

So how do we get your website to rank for the keywords that you want to rank for? You have to look at it like it’s multi faceted. Google uses many metrics to determine what you should rank for. So we use page titles, headline titles, page content, images, and local directories like Google My Business all to tell Google that you want to rank for a series of keywords and phrases.

So keywords are not something magical you add to your website to rank. Keywords are a series of phrases that all of your content and imagery needs to reflect. And if you take the time to really provide great content to your viewer, whether that be text, a video, or even an image. You will begin to rank higher and more naturally, the way Google wants it.