An Intro to Video Production

Capture Attention & Tell a Story

Simply put, video production is filmmaking for your business. The goal is to communicate a story or idea that makes people feel things. When you approach video with that mindset it becomes much less intimidating. Ideas and stories long predate cameras and microphones and they will long outlast them as well. Focus on the idea you’re trying to communicate and then decide if video is the correct medium.

What is the Value of Video Production?

Consumer attention is at an all time low. Online content doesn’t hold eyeballs for more than a moment and viewers are trained to scan and scroll endlessly. Engaging video content interrupts this rhythm. It grabs and holds attention. Instead of flicking through dozens of images, headlines, and messages, users are captivated by imagery and story. 

My personal experience with the difference came when doing freelance wedding films. On multiple occasions I had watched people scroll through wedding photo albums on Facebook, occasionally clicking on a photo, skimming through the account of the big day. I would then see those same people watch a wedding film and see a stark difference. They would be engaged, captivated, and emotional. They didn’t scrub through the timeline to get to the good parts. They didn’t set the pace at which they experienced the content, and that made all the difference!

The Rinard Media Philosophy on Video

We aim for our video content to always educate or entertain. Anything else isn’t serving the customer or the viewer. 

Educational content builds value for the viewer. Giving away information, training, insights, hacks, knowledge, skills, or demonstrations all create equity and trust that eventually leads to an action. 

Entertaining content also builds equity for your brand! If the marketplace is a cocktail party, you want your brand to be the one everyone is laughing with and can’t wait to talk to. Make content that cuts through the negative and noise with levity and fun!

The Video Production Process

Rinard Media’s approach to video can be boiled down to three simple questions, and although there are sub questions, these are often the hardest for a client to answer:

  1. What’s your message/mission?
  2. Who’s the audience?
  3. How would your brand say it?

With these answers, we can take your project from, ”I need a video to promote my new product.” to, “We are a missional brand that creates sustainable and intentional housewares for people who lead present and intentional lives.” This gives us the necessary tone and understanding of your brand and customer in order to create the content that naturally speaks for you!

Start Your Video Project

You probably didn’t start your business to be a filmmaker (If you did, we’re hiring), and communicating even simple ideas to an audience can be a paralyzing experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Rinard Media is here to guide you through the process of video production and get your message out to your customers!


Post Author:

Scott Whipple