Chase Chandler

I was always an artistic kid. I loved writing, playing music, drawing, watching movies – There’s something about the different forms of art that’s amazing to me; You could dig into its creation and find its meaning, you interpret it in your own way, discuss it with other people. I love art in all forms because no matter how much you know about something, there’s always so much more to learn, create, interpret, and understand. I believe this is what got me interested in technology from such a young age; How fast it grows and expands, how much more you can learn about it and learn from it. I enjoy and thrive on the challenge to keep up.

Being a part of the Rinard Media team gives me the opportunity to pursue that passion every day, whether it’s learning the technology that helps make your website great, or the art that makes it memorable. Partnering with you and your business is an exciting opportunity – I’m happy to have you as a client and as a friend.