Rinard Media's Sunshine Girl

Hi there! I’m Emilie McGowan with an “ie” and a big g! I am a lover of all things travel and adventure. I find much value in getting out of my comfort zone and exploring different things that I haven’t experienced yet. Such as moving to Twin (over a year ago) to marry my best friend Brian!

I’ve always been a creative kid that isn’t great at drawing within the lines. I tend to question the lines and soon create my own beyond the ones given to me. My introduction to design began with designing my room as I was growing up! Rearranging everything and giving it all new life always excited me. (My sister that I shared a room with was not super stoked about that, but we’re past that now.) Being an intern here at Rinard Media, I’ve been introduced to plenty of other types of design. I can’t help but fall in love with the idea of creating something for someone else to utilize in their brand. 

Now For The Good Stuff:

I am the Design intern here at good ol' Rinard Media. I have the opportunity to take care of many of our clients each day, and collaborate on different projects with the team! To help create something for a client that they’ve wanted and needed is a dream. I am stoked to get to know you and begin to help make your design dreams come true!


Her Favorite Gif



  • Scoring great travel deals
  • Gives great high-fives
  • Creative and unique design
  • Can make anyone's day brighter


  • Daydreaming
  • Singing
  • Spending money

Most Likely Replaying

  • Anything Maverick City Music puts out
  • Finger guns
  • Great British Baking Show
  • Bob's Burgers

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