Believer that velcro shoes are a rip-off.

I’m just a 21 year old kid who was born and raised in the Magic Valley. You can always catch me around the office with my headphones, or on a late night drive listening to music. I’m a curious person and I really love to learn new things. In my free time, I like to watch Youtube videos explaining how things all around the world work! Whether it be businesses, shoes, music production, the school-system, fashion, jewelry, and so much more.

Now For The Good Stuff:

I’m just your friendly neighborhood Digital Marketing Intern who’s here to help Google optimize your business. I’m also learning data analysis, social media ads management, and all about Google ads. I am here to help grow your digital presence and improve the future of your business.


His Favorite Gif



  • Can sleep through anything
  • People smarts
  • Learning and trying new things
  • Has a pair of shoes for every occasion


  • Can't say "no" to new shoes
  • A bit of a perfectionist
  • "I'm too busy for that" isn't in his vocabulary

Most Likely Replaying

  • Eminem
  • Mac Miller
  • The George Lopez TV Show

Who's Up Next?