Why Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

Have you spent hours, days, or even weeks working on your website hoping that every idea, line of code, or picture will actually help your business have a profitable impact? Only to find out that it’s not getting the visits you wanted, and that the visitors you are getting, are not converting into leads, appointments, or sales?

True story… that’s most websites.

Many people build a website based on what looks cool versus what works. This is dangerous. Websites have to work. They have to convert visitors or they really don’t have much value beyond basic branding and in 2017, it takes more than that to make the sale.

Now, we can’t just have functional websites that are not visually appealing. They have to catch the visitors eye. The trick is just influencing what the visitor see’s immediately, and ultimately what will take action on.

Your website visitors are not converting because they are not built to convert. 

With all of our clients, we take their website through an optimization phase after the website is launched. This is vital in creating websites that work, and that’s exactly what we do. Here are 3 unique tools we use on each website.

1. Heat mapping your website.

This tool is great because it shows us your website traffic in a heat map format. In simple terms, brighter spots are good content and dark spots are bad. Here is an example:

Heat mapping a website in twin falls id

2. Source mapping your website.

Source mapping is where we count the number of interactions on a given section as well as their source. This is important because we can learn about the audience that is clicking through a particular section as well as the total number of clicks. Here is an example:

Website Optimization tool in Twin Falls, Idaho.

3. Scroll mapping your website.

Scroll Mapping is where we take a look at what parts of the home page are effective based off of website visitors scroll patterns. If something has a clear drop off rate, we edit or remove the section and test again. Here is an example:

Scroll Mapping Tool in Twin Falls, Idaho.

If you are wanting to work with a company that is serious about designing and developing an effective website, call or send us a message. We would be glad to sit down and meet with you in person!