What Factors Calculate SEO Rankings?

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages that target specific information. For example, if we created a page specifically to tell you all about landing pages, what they do, why they’re useful, and how to use them, it would be a landing page about landing pages! Now sometimes you’ll hear marketers refer to landing pages as a sales tactic, but even these landing pages are designed specifically to inform a user about a product or service, and attempt to convert them! While these two types of landing pages are not exactly the same thing, they are still functionally the same.


Responsiveness is how well your website performs from a technical standpoint, meaning, does it load fast enough, does it work with all different types of screens, is the websites’ sitemap indexed correctly, etc. Mobile optimization, however, is the big one here. If your website doesn’t work on smart phones, which 51 percent of people access the internet on exclusively, Google isn’t going to like your site and your rankings are going to suffer.

Original Content

Some agencies swear by strong original content, and, while we’re one of these agencies, we believe that strong original content is a big piece of a much bigger pie. Strong, original content is exactly what it sounds like: new, unique, well written, interesting, important, informative content. This content can be difficult to make, but if you study, and learn a ton about your niche, you may just create a page that is exactly what someone out there is looking for! Google rewards quality content handsomely, so try your best not to just copy and paste information from other websites.

Meta Page Titles

Meta page titles and descriptions are the information that you see about a page in the google search results. Some SEO agents will tell you that these aren’t important, but our research has found that these are still largely impactful for local SEO. The best way to write these titles and descriptions is to clearly communicate what you do, and try to add in your keywords where they’ll fit naturally. DO NOT keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing used to be a legitimate form of SEO, but Google kicked that to the curb a long time ago. You will see your rankings drop if you keyword stuff.


Backlinks are arguably the most important factor in an SEO campaign. A backlink is when another website links to your website, which is effectively telling google that they support your site enough to send traffic to it. When a website give you a backlink, they are basically voting for you to move up in the rankings. The more sites that link to you, the more votes you have, the higher your rankings. And a few backlinks can go a long way. The bigger the site that give you a backlink, the bigger the boost in your rankings. Backlinks are a key player in keeping your SEO strategy strong for the long term