What Makes A Good Website?

Rinard Media has built quite a few websites now and we would like to address what we believe makes a good website. The DIY website industry brings some of these ideas to life without really educating the customer, so we want to share some of Rinard Media’s core values on website design.

Our Goal at Rinard Media is to incorporate all 5 of these elements into each and every website we build. This raises the bar and ensures that quality is reached every time.

  • Tell A Story – Websites are riddled with text typically and a lot of times, it is very bland to read. It can be very sales copy driven without actually connecting emotionally to the viewer. So as a result, we always try to tell a story with our words. Whether that’s the customer buying story, appealing to customer emotions and pain points, or anything else that helps paint a picture of the emotion we are trying to connect with. Take the time to really look over the words on your website.


  • Be Cohesive – This is one of the most important aspects of a website. Your fonts need to fit together. Your font sizes need to feel good. The color pallet needs to draw you into the site and not cause distraction. We want the website to not have a section that clearly doesn’t fit the feel of what we are going for. All of this falls under cohesive designs.


  •  Use Effective Functions  – Have you ever been to a website that you couldn’t find the business phone number, address, or hours? It’s frustrating. The website was poorly planned and they didn’t create an effective function to help people use the website. Take a look at this example. The red arrow is pointing to a button that slides out another page with all of the phone numbers to all of Elite Restorations locations. That’s handy.


  • Use Captivating Images – Images on a website bring emotion to the page. They provide a warm welcome or a fake front. Take the time to find or shoot captivating images. You want these images to tell a story, provide cohesiveness, and look stunning. This is something people underestimate in the web design world that needs to be addressed. Images matter.


  • Be User Driven  – Test. Test. Test. Check the page analytics to make sure your website elements are working. There are tools like CrazyEgg or Hotjar that help you study your on page actions visually. Rinard Media focuses on website optimization to ensure that we are user driven. We want to accomplish the goal the user originally searched for. Ultimately, this is the best way to serve your visitor.


I think over time this list will change but as of now, we at Rinard Media, have found these elements to be the most important in web design. If you are needing a local web designer in Twin Falls, ID, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to discuss your project.