Advertising on Youtube

Hi, I’m Ferg, and I’m an account strategist at Rinard Media.

Google Ads: YouTube

These days, everyone views some form of digitally streamed media. Nearly 75% of the US population uses YouTube in some form or another — and of that portion, 62% use it daily. This results in a lot of time spent watching videos.

The number one rule of advertising is to be where the eyes are, and the eyes are on YouTube!

Advertising on YouTube is considerably cheaper than traditional TV. It can also be significantly more targeted than traditional TV. You can tell YouTube to show your ad to people based on age, gender, income, and many other demographics. YouTube is more measurable (than TV) as well. You’ll know exactly how many people saw your ad, how long they watched it, and if they clicked on it.

The number of video and streaming platforms that you can advertise on is growing more and more. Hulu, Amazon, Twitch, and Netflix all have advertising capabilities.

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