Omni Kids

Sensory Gym and Pediatric Therapy

Omni Kids is a pediatric therapy and sensory learning center based right here in Twin Falls, Idaho! 

Owner Kylie Hohwieler has been a pediatric occupational therapist for many years and knew that the area was in need of a child-centric sensory learning environment. Rinard Media worked closely with Kylie and helped bring her brand vision to life, assisting with everything from Name-storming to brand standards creation and more.




Kylie Hohwieler came to us with a business idea and a passion for helping people. We helped her take that passion and use it to create a strong brand identity that would help inform her business creation. The overall brand creation process is highly collaborative and we spent a lot of time working closely with Kylie and her husband to create a brand identity that resonated with them, AND would resonate with their customers.

Brand Discovery Meeting

To start, we sat down with Kylie and her husband to hear more about their vision for their business. Then, we worked together to create powerful Purpose, Mission, and Vision statements that would inform the rest of their brand’s direction.

Some of the other key concepts that we covered in follow up meetings were:

  • Customer Avatars
  • Business Culture
  • Core Values
  • Brand Voice

Once we had a solid understanding of Kylie’s vision for her business, we began the process of coming up with a strong business name!

Business Naming

“What’s in a name?” Well… everything! A business name is one of the most important things to consider when you’re creating a new business. Great business names are on brand, memorable, and unique. To create an on-brand name, you need to have a grasp on the brand concepts! That’s why the business naming step happens AFTER the initial brand discovery meetings. Our team came up with several different name options and presented them. From these options, we were able to find what worked and what didn’t work, and create a more precise list of names.

After 2 rounds of deliberation, Omni Kids was created!

Omni = All
Omni Kids = All Kids

Omni Kids is a children’s pediatric therapy office that has a free-to-use public sensory gym inside! Children of all ability levels and with all different needs are welcome at Omni Kids, and the name reflects that mission perfectly.



Logo Creation & Brand Standards Guide


Logo Creation

To start, Corry whipped up 48 different logo thumbnail sketches and presented them to Omni Kids. Presenting a large variety of sketches gives clients the opportunity to say “I really like this” and “I really don’t like that.” Oftentimes we find that most people don’t know what sort of style elements they like or dislike until they have examples right in front of them. That’s why we make sure to start with a wide variety of options so that we can focus in on the perfect direction.

Brand Standards Guide

The brand standards guide acts as a sort of “Northern Star” for a business. It contains everything from appropriate logo usage guidelines and color palettes to a brand’s “core” - including the purpose, mission, and vision statements.

We combined all of the information we’d gathered while working alongside Kylie and her husband, and then our designers crafted a color palette and selected typography that would mesh well with the overall “vibe” of the brand.


Visit Omni Kids Today

Omni Kids offers pediatric therapy services that range from sensory integration therapy and social skills training to various autism therapies. Omni Kids will soon be offering speech therapy as well.