The Jae Foundation

Putting Boots on the Ground
for a Brighter Future

The Challenge

The Jae Foundation has a big mission — to raise awareness and encourage people to have important conversations about mental health and suicide. In the early stages of establishing a non-profit, the Jae Foundation’s reach was limited by its lack of an online presence or recognizable branding.

Their wonderful team was seeking a partner who could understand their noble cause and translate it into a compelling brand presence. Our objective was to create a unique and easily identifiable brand that would resonate with both donors and those seeking support, ultimately raising awareness and providing resources for the critical issues of mental health and suicide.

This case study highlights the strategic solutions provided by Rinard Media to breathe life into the Foundation's visual identity and bolster its message.



Logo Design

Jason at the Jae Foundation came to us with a vision already in his mind for a possible logo.

Rinard Media helped digitize that idea and finalized a recognizable logo that reflects the mission of the foundation itself through a simple but powerful illustration of the Foundation’s calling card — a Jae boot. 

The use of additional “cowboy” elements such as rope text and warm earthy colors in the logo conveyed strength and paid homage to founder Jason’s lifelong friend Jae, whose loss prompted Jason to create the Jae Foundation. The logo design was an immediate success, providing The Jae Foundation with a distinct identity that encapsulated their mission.


Web Design

Next was the task of designing a responsive website that would act as an interactive platform for the Foundation. Rinard Media's approach was to design a user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging website. We used an earthy color palette and photos of nature, carefully selected for their emotional resonance. Of course, the site wouldn’t be complete without plenty of photos of the Jae Boots!

The website content was structured strategically to offer easy access to information about the Foundation's initiatives, as well as highlight opportunities to donate or volunteer. Crucially, the website was made responsive and mobile optimized to ensure accessibility across devices, as today's tech-savvy audiences often use mobile phones for browsing.

The results were impactful. Post-launch, The Jae Foundation's website saw traffic begin to pour in immediately and also saw a significant rise in online donations, underlining the importance of a solid web design strategy.


Branded Print Materials

Rinard Media's team was honored with the task of designing the Jae Foundation’s annual charity auction booklet in 2022 and 2023. This is a significant tool for fundraising and spreading awareness.

Incorporating the newly designed logo, our team devised a cohesive layout for the booklet, with a perfect balance of photos, auction item descriptions, and snippets about the Foundation itself.

The auction booklet was a hit! Its professional, attractive design not only captured the attention of potential donors but also successfully communicated the mission and impact of the Jae Foundation, contributing to record-breaking fundraising events.