Rinard Media Internship

If you’ve spent any time looking into media and marketing jobs in the Magic Valley, you’ve probably realized that options are limited. You might have found a job you’re interested in and ran into the conundrum of an entry-level position requiring X years of experience.
How are you supposed to get a job to gain experience when you need the experience to get a job??

Join the Rinard Media Internship Program

We started our internship program in the Spring of 2021 for a few reasons.
First, we realized that there was a lack of learning opportunities in the Magic Valley — especially for people interested in joining the marketing industry!
Second, we know that when passionate people are given the chance to learn and grow, they can quickly become skilled industry professionals. There is plenty of untapped potential in the Magic Valley that just needs a chance to grow.
Finally, one of Rinard Media’s main motivators has always been to invest in people! This incredible community has supported us and empowered our growth, and now we want to provide that same opportunity for growth back to the community.


Let’s talk benefits (we know you want to know)

Get Paid
Doing internship-work is doing real work, and deserves a real paycheck.

Real Work Experience
You’ll get plenty of hands-on learning experience that you can use in all of your future pursuits.

Unlimited Cereal Bar
This is pretty self-explanatory and delicious.

What you can expect from your time at Rinard Media

Industry Knowledge
We don’t expect you to be an expert by the end of your three-month or six-month internship program. What we DO hope is that you find yourself armed with enough industry knowledge and skills that you feel confident in pursuing your chosen career — even if it isn’t necessarily in the marketing field.

The Chance to Share Your Own Ideas

As much as an internship program is about US sharing knowledge with YOU, we also want you to share your knowledge and passions with us! We know you’ve got good ideas, and we want to hear them.

Becoming Part of a Team
At Rinard Media, we value our team culture! Like… seriously value it. Our regular onboarding process involves six to seven in-person interviews to make sure that new hires are a perfect fit. The application process for internships is a little easier, and you still get the benefit of becoming a member of our incredible team!
We offer internship positions for each of our different departments. Read more about the departments below, and see which ones interest you the most! You’ll get to learn alongside top-notch professionals, sit in on and participate in client meetings, and get more familiar with your field of choice.
(We’ll ask you about your preferred department later so make sure to read these thoroughly!)


Website building
Learn about the website building process — from the initial brainstorming meetings, to early development, to the final rollout.

Learn WordPress
Practice using the front-end editor and explore different plugins and elements that help make websites work.

All things Adobe
Get experience working with some of the most common design tools in the Adobe Suite, like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

Flex your creative muscles
Learn how to apply your artistic talents to bring clients’ visions to life… after all, what good would a design department be without creativity?!


Learn how to take your ideas and concepts for videos, and turn them into something real and cool.

Writing and collaboration
Work closely with the writing department and the design departments to create copy and graphics for videos.

Attend video shoots and learn to set up/take down equipment, stage commercial shoots, and work with clients to create something amazing.

Learn the basics of editing in Adobe Premiere, and learn basic audio and video editing skills from the pros.

Copywriting and Content Writing

Learn effective copywriting
Discover how to use the power of storytelling to create impactful and effective website homepage copy.

Organize webpages
Help structure the layout of website sub-pages and edit content that is sent in by clients.

Collaborate on content
Work closely with the video department to draft video scripts and write captions for social media posts.

Write short-form content
Learn how to craft and edit unique content for blog posts and email marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Discover SEO basics
Learn about SEO best-practices and find out what it takes to get a website to the front page of Google.

Using Google Data Studio, analyze webpage performance and make changes to help improve the user experience.

Content optimization
View website keyword performance and write or rewrite page content to help improve a site’s keyword rankings.

Manage & write ad content
Analyze monthly data reports and send them to clients with explanations and breakdowns of what the data means for their site.


Discover What Drives You

The goal of the internship program is to provide you with the industry experience you’ll need to thrive in your chosen field. We hope that this process will help you learn more about yourself, what you like to do, and the mark you want to leave on the world.


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