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Fireplace Outfitters

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They were looking for a web team that could help them develop and convey their brand in a way that would help provide value to their customers. They also needed a way to showcase their product catalogues without having a site that was essentially just an inventory page.

Their long term goal was to have a website that would appeal to and attract new customers, as well as provide valuable information regarding their products and services.

Graphic of a grill designed for Fireplace Outfitters website
Graphic of a firepit designed for Fireplace Outfitters website

Storybrand Copywriting

The Challenge

Fireplace Outfitters places a lot of importance on creating truly customized and unique fixtures and designs for each and every customer. They truly believe that every customer is extraordinary, and deserves an extraordinary home! The challenge was finding a way to sincerely convey their genuine appreciation for their customers, while also expressing their skills and passion for design.

The Solution

The Storybrand framework for creating web copy helps to ensure that every website is able to effectively connect with its target audience. In the case of Fireplace Outfitters, we really wanted to convey the message that every customer is unique — and every customer deserves a living space that is custom tailored to suit their needs.

We helped Fireplace Outfitters really connect with their audience to express how much they value the individual customer experience, and how dedicated they are to providing truly customized fixtures.

Website Design

The Challenge

Fireplace Outfitters needed a site that was customer-minded, but that also served as a way to showcase their outstanding work and product options. When you’re creating a website to showcase your work, it can be easy to focus too much on yourself and not enough on your customers.

The Solution

Effective web design can help you convey a tone and develop rapport with your customers, all without saying or writing a single word about yourself. In the case of Fireplace Outfitters, we used clean lines, crisp corners, and dark colors with bright contrasts to create a professional and modern aesthetic. The site is also equipped with different customer-focused functionality features like product catalogs, simple navigation menus, and scheduling forms to make sure that every customer is easily able to find what they’re looking for.

Graphic for an in home fireplace designed for Fireplace Outfitters website


Fireplace Outfitters has a sleek and modern website that helps convey their brand and their mission, while also providing value and information to their customers. Their site has an effective blend of form and function that is customer minded, as well as visually appealing!

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