Shopping Ads: The Basics

All About Shopping Ads

Hi, I’m Carl and I’m a digital marketer at Rinard Media.

Google Ads: Shopping

Search ads and display ads are designed to generate traffic to your site and build brand awareness. Shopping ads are all about transactions. These are attractive because they cut out the middleman. Ultimately, no matter the type of ad you’re running, the goal is to sell.  Shopping ads cut right to the chase.

Shopping ads give you the opportunity to show your product before the user even clicks on your page. The key to securing sales is all about decreasing friction. i.e. The less action a client has to take to buy, the better. So getting your product in front of your customer sooner can help generate more sales.

Shopping ads don’t work for every brand.

If your brand offers a service, then shopping ads probably aren’t for you. But if you sell a good, especially one that is visually appealing, then shopping ads can be incredibly effective.

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