Doesn't believe in awkward silences, and great at distracting the rest of us.

Two of my greatest passions are connecting with people and being creative. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed getting to know people, spending time with my friends and family, competing in sports, playing music, taking photos, and creating videos. I love learning new things and finding new and fresh ways to create content that tells a story.

Now For The Good Stuff:

Here at Rinard Media I get to combine my passions for people and creating by coming alongside incredible people and businesses to create content that can help them grow their company, showcase their work, and achieve their goals.


His Favorite Gif



  • Tacos
  • Talking
  • Teamwork
  • Tennacity
  • Trading Card Games
  • Making lists that all start with the same letter


*See Strengths*

Most Likely Replaying

  • Polyphia
  • The Office
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (Definitely not the movie)
  • Angsty emo music from high school.

Who's Up Next?