Most likely to school you on all things nerdy

I'm a Twin Falls local, born and raised! I have an academic and professional passion for understanding the way we humans communicate with one another, and puzzling out how we can communicate more effectively. I originally joined the team as a Customer Care Specialist while I learned the ropes of digital marketing, and I’ve graduated to full fledged Copywriter!

Now For The Good Stuff:

I LOVE writing. As a copywriter, I’m here to help businesses clearly communicate who they are, what they offer, and how they make their customer’s lives easier. Clarity is the key to effective communication! I'm also (unofficially) Rinard Media's "social media guru."


Her Favorite Gif



  • Critical Eye for Detail
  • Does Words Good
  • Home Brewer of Kombucha
  • World's Best Dog Mom — 8 years and counting!


  • Is actually very weak

Most Likely Replaying

  • Dark Souls
  • Dragon Age Series
  • The same D&D Original Character but for a different campaign.

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